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TradeWorlds: Exterra Edition Kickstarter Bundle Pre-Order


The Kickstarter Campaign is over, but you can still own the Kickstarter Version by ordering now!

Preorder: Expected Delivery Q3 2018

This bundle includes everything from the Tactician (Premium) Pledge:

  • Tradewars - Homeworld
  • 20 Starship Miniatures
  • Premium Faction Dice
  • Planetary Expansion
  • All unlocked stretch goals

Game Description:


TradeWorlds is a 1-4 player competitive space battle deck-building game, which includes different scenarios to determine how the game is won:

  • Traderwars: Players must balance the collection of wealth with their need to defend their homeworld.
  • Spacewars: This scenario is all about survival. Be the last player standing to win.
  • The Derelict: A single-player scenario that focuses on surviving an alien assault.
  • Solo AI: A full solo play experience which simulates the multiplayer game.
  • Co-op Mode: A cooperative scenario that entails fighting off an alien invasion.