At Master of the Boards, you'll find many preorders for Kickstarter Versions of games yet to be released, and at a great price. I will clearly mark the fact that an item is on preorder in the item description, and the expected delivery time frame, per the publisher. I will also do my best to communicate updates throughout the campaign and let you know if that delivery date changes.

By purchasing a preorder copy, you will reserve your right to a copy as I receive them from the publisher.

Once I receive a preordered game, I will send your copy to you, typically within one business day. Right up until I send your copy to you, you are free to cancel for a full refund with no questions asked, just contact me and I'll take care of you.

Two-Wave Shipping

In some cases, Kickstarter campaigns ship in multiple "waves". This gets the base game into hands of backers sooner, but also means the base game comes several months before the Kickstarter Extras and expansions.

When feasible, if a Kickstarter campaign is shipping in multiple waves, I will try to do the same. If I'm offering two-wave shipping, on a project, it will say so on the product page.

Please note that once the first wave of a project is shipped to you, a cancellation of the order will not be possible. 

If you have any questions, please do contact me at and I'll be happy to help!

Happy Gaming!