Master of the Boards Liquid error: wrong number of arguments (given 1, expected 2..3) Fantasia Games Endless Winter Kickstarter Chief Pledge Mega Bundle Pre-Order Preorder: Expected Delivery Q4 2021This bundle includes EVERYTHING from the Chief Pledge, Plus the Big Box Add-OnINCLUDES:Endless Winter (Deluxe Edition)Ancestors Expansion (Free)Canine Familiars Module (Free)Ceremonial Grounds (Free)Rivers & Rafts ExpansionCave Paintings ExpansionLarge PlaymatResin Components Upgrade PackDigital SoundtrackAll unlocked stretch goalsBig Box add-on to hold all current and future expansionsDesigned by Stan Kordonskiy (Dice Hospital, Rurik, Lock Up), developed by Jonny Pac (Coloma, Sierra West, Lions of Lydia), solo mode by Drake Villareal (Solani, Spook Manor), and illustrated by The Mico (Raiders of the North Sea, Paladins of the West Kingdom, Valeria), Endless Winter: Paleoamericans takes place in North America, around 10,000 BCE. Players guide the development of their tribes across several generations—from nomadic hunter-gatherers to prosperous tribal societies. Over the course of the game, tribes migrate and settle new lands, establish cultural traditions, hunt paleolithic megafauna, and build everlasting megalithic structures.Endless Winter is a euro-style game that combines worker placement and deck building in an innovative way. Each round, players send their tribe members to various action spaces, and pay for the actions by playing cards and spending resources. Tribe cards grant additional labor, while Culture cards provide a variety of unique effects. As an alternative, cards can be saved for an end-of-round Eclipse phase, where they are simultaneously revealed to determine the new player order, and trigger various bonus actions.The game features a novel blend of interwoven systems and mechanisms, such as multi-use cards, area influence, tile placement, and set collection. Plus, there are many viable paths to victory. After four brisk rounds, scores are tallied, and the tribe with the most points wins!—description from the publisher shopify_US_6864578019494 shopify_US_6864578019494_40463999959206 new 199.95 USDpreorder false Board Games 30.0 lb CMON Limited Trudvang Legends Kickstarter Legendary Pledge Pre-Order This bundle includes everything from the Legendary Kickstarter Pledge:Trudvang LegendsLost Stories ExpansionWildland ExpansionExclusive Tolgjar HeroAll applicable Stretch GoalsSteeped in epic Nordic and Celtic myths and sagas, Trudvang Legends places players in the roles of legendary heroes who make their mark on a dynamic, everchanging fantasy world.The game — based on the Swedish RPG, Trudvang Chronicles — thrusts players into a cycle of epic sagas in which their achievements change not only the world itself, but the very rules by which gods, peoples and nature interact. They will quest through an interwoven series of adventure books, and the results of their choices will echo through history: changing the relationships between sovereign nations, usurping kings, creating new waygates, or even locking and unlocking parts of the map.Change in Trudvang Legends manifests physically as parts of the board actually change, making the actions of previous hero generations affect future sagas. However, the changes are only as permanent as long as history remembers them, which makes the game endlessly replayable, and even playing the same adventure book repeatedly will have a completely different feeling because the world itself has changed. Heroes, following a path of destiny, will even become historical fixtures as they become kings, guildmasters, or even gods!—description from the publisher shopify_US_4452199891016 shopify_US_4452199891016_31641607307336 new 199.95 USDpreorder false Board Games 20.0 lb CMON Limited Trudvang Legends Kickstarter Exclusive Plastic Runes Pre-Order Kickstarter Exclusive Plastic Runes for Trudvang Legends shopify_US_4452204249160 shopify_US_4452204249160_31641621528648 new 29.95 USDpreorder false Board Games 2.0 lb Game Brewer The Palaces of Carrara Deluxe Edition Plus Retro Pack Pre-Order Pre-Order: Expected Delivery Q4 2022Includes:The Palaces of Carrara Deluxe EditionThe Palaces of Carrara Retro Pack Expansion (this was an add-on during the campaign and is included for free!) shopify_US_7195747287206 shopify_US_7195747287206_41900391071910 new 120.00 USDpreorder false Board Games 10.0 lb