Master of the Boards In-Stock View games that are in-stock and ready to ship! Lisboa Kickstater Bundle The Kickstarter Campaign is over, but you can still own the Kickstarter Version by ordering now!This bundle includes everything from "The King's Favorite" Pledge:Lisboa DeluxeAll applicable stretch goalsGame Description:Lisboa is a game about the reconstruction of Lisboa after the great earthquake of 1755.On November 1, 1755, Lisbon suffered an earthquake of an estimated magnitude of 8.5–9.0, followed by a tsunami, and three days of fires. The city was almost totally destroyed. The Marquis of Pombal — Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo — was then the minister of foreign affairs and the king put him in charge of the reconstruction of Lisbon. The Marquis of Pombal gathered a team of engineers and architects, and you, the players, are members of the nobility members who will use your influence in the reconstruction and business development of the new city. You will work with the architects to build Lisboa anew, with Marquis to develop commerce, and with the king to open all the buildings, but the true reason you do all this is not for greatness or fame or even fortune, but for the most important thing of all in that time: wigs.Lisboa is played on a real map of downtown Lisbon. During the planning of the downtown project, the type of business permitted in each street was previous determined. The economic motor is driven by the wealth of the royal treasure, and this treasure is controlled by player actions during the game, making each match a totally different experience. The game ends after a fixed number of rounds, and whoever gathers the most wigs by the end of the game wins.Lisboa is played in rounds. Each round, all players play one turn. They may place one card on their display or replace one card from this display. During the game, players schedule hearings to get character favors, such as commerce, construction, and openings. The iconic buildings score the stores, and stores provide income to the players. Players need to manage influence, construction licenses, store permits, church power, workers and money, with the workers' cost being dependent on the prestige of the players. toys & games > games > board games shopify_US_9810519560 shopify_US_9810519560_37473999816 new 119.00 USD preorder Eagle-Gryphon Games Board Games 10.5 lb Champions of Midgard Expansions Kickstarter Bundle The Kickstarter Campaign is over, but you can still own the Kickstarter Version by ordering now!This bundle includes:One copy of The Dark Mountains ExpansionOne copy of The Valhalla ExpansionAll Unlocked stretch goalsExclusive Box designed to hold all components from both expansions and the base game!BASE GAME IS NOT INCLUDEDGame Description:The Dark Mountains, the first expansion for Champions of Midgard, extends your adventures to distant lands, allowing you to trek into the dark mountains where the Bergrisar live and wage constant battle with the Archer Clans of the North. Fight fearsome mountain giants and liberate archers who join your cause. Once freed, you will find the archers to be worthy allies, rarely missing and being exceptional hunters. Enemies you face will fall easily before their sure shots.Champions of Midgard: The Dark Mountains adds a ton of new content to the base game, including the ability to play with up to five players.The expansion includes new land journeys, a new enemy type (Bergrisar), more powerful Trolls and Draugr, as well as additional rune cards, market tiles, and more.In Valhalla, the second expansion for Champions of Midgard, you will find yourself rewarded when your warriors die in battle. Your warriors' eternal glory becomes your earthly reward as the Valkyries bestow powerful effects, relics, and warriors upon you for use in your battles in Midgard. Some of your fallen soldiers may do more, rising to face the greatest enemies even in the afterlife, defeating epic monsters and bringing you glory from beyond the grave!Couple these new rewards with fierce new warriors in the form of Berzerkers and Shieldwarriors, and new custom dice and powers for your leaders, and your adventures in Midgard will never be the same!  toys & games > games > board games shopify_US_9810513416 shopify_US_9810513416_37473988424 new 69.95 USD preorder Grey Fox Games Board Games 5.0 lb Arcadia Quest Inferno Kickstarter Special Bundle with Exclusives Arcadia Quest Inferno Kickstarter Hell of a Pledge, with a bunch of Add-Ons and Kickstarter Exclusive stretch goals! Everything ready to ship in original CMON packaging!The Kickstarter Campaign is over, but you can still own the Kickstarter Version by ordering now!Includes the Following:Arcadia Quest Inferno Core BoxExclusive King David HeroHell of a BoxWhole Lotta LavaPets ExpansionPoison DragonFire DragonFrost DragonChaos DragonInferno Dice x3Inferno Guild BagsGame Description:Inferno is a standalone expansion to Arcadia Quest. It is 100% compatible with the original base game and introduces four new Guilds: Sharks, Tigers, Crows, and Serpents. It features new types of heroes, such as Alchemists and Gladiators.There is a new branching campaign system, and the storyline revolves around the guilds descending into a fiery abyss. There are Brimstone cards that make the terrain risky to navigate, which operate similarly to the Tombstone cards from Arcadia Quest: Beyond the Grave.A new mechanism called "Damnation" will tempt the heroes with powerful weapons that can corrupt the characters over time or change the behavior of nearby monsters. There are also Angels, which are allied characters for the heroes to rescue, escort or assist. Working with the Angels can affect the branching campaign path system and even allow the player to recruit them for use in later missions. toys & games > games > board games shopify_US_10073510920 shopify_US_10073510920_39798433864 new 329.95 USD preorder CMON Limited Board Games 18.0 lb Lorenzo il Magnifico Lorenzo de' Medici, also known as "Lorenzo il Magnifico" (Lorenzo the Magnificent), was one of the most powerful and enthusiastic patrons of the Italian Renaissance.In Lorenzo il Magnifico, each player takes the role of a head of a noble family in a city during the Italian renaissance. You try to accumulate prestige and fame to gain more victory points (VP) than the others. To do so, you send your family members to different areas of town, where they can obtain many achievements. In one location they get useful resources, in another development cards (which represent newly conquered territories, sponsored buildings, influenced characters, or encouraged ventures), somewhere else they activate the effects of their cards.Family members are not identical. At the beginning of each round, you roll three dice to determine the family members' value. You must carefully choose where to send your family members with a higher value...You can gain VP several ways, and you must also pay attention to your relations with the Church. The game is divided into three periods, each formed by two rounds; at the end of each period, players must show their faith, and whoever hasn't prayed enough will suffer hard penalties.After six rounds, you calculate your final scoring, and the player with the most VP wins. toys & games > games > board games shopify_US_9810515848 shopify_US_9810515848_37473992072 new 50.99 USD preorder 889696005106 CMON Limited Board Games 5.0 lb Escape from 100 Million BC In Escape from 100 Million B.C., players are stranded time travelers, hurrying to reassemble their ship because a nearby volcano is about to blow. There are dinosaurs to dodge, time rifts to close, and castaways from other eras who got pulled back due to paradoxes. Each time traveler has unique abilities and stats which will aid in repairing the time ship. You must be careful not to disrupt the timeline too much or the volcano will erupt, wiping out proof of the expedition altogether. toys & games > games > board games shopify_US_9810514632 shopify_US_9810514632_37473989640 new 39.95 USD preorder 827714011616 IDW Games Board Games 7.0 lb Flatline: A FUSE Aftershock Game Flatline is a co-operative dice game set in the Fuse universe. Players must roll their dice and work to combine them with other players in order to properly treat arriving patients. Every round, players race against a one-minute timer and must deal with the needs of wounded crew members as well as other emergencies within the ER. Time is running out! toys & games > games > board games shopify_US_9810515144 shopify_US_9810515144_37473991048 new 39.95 USD preorder 859930005650 Renegade Game Studios Board Games 7.0 lb Mistfall Heart of Mists Mistfall: Heart of the Mists is is a fully cooperative card-based adventure game set in a world of mystery, eldritch powers and perilous adventures. Heart of the Mists continues the story of Mistfall in a standalone expansion featuring new Heroes, Enemies, Encounters and Quests, and introducing Allies, as well as alternative versions of some of the base game mechanisms.At the start of the game each player chooses a hero with a fixed deck of equipment and power cards, as well as a set of upgrades that can be added directly to a player’s hand during the game. A semi-randomly created board makes for a different landscape every time the game is played, and randomized sets of encounters and enemies create different challenges for players to face before their time runs out.Mistfall: Heart of the Mists introduces more of what made Mistfall great, making it a good entry point for new gamers, as well as a solid expansion for existing fans. With next to no elements replicated from the base set, Heart of the Mists is the perfect addition to the existing Mistfall set – and a challenging experience both solitaire, as well as with a group of up to three friends.Gather up your resolve, check your gear and get ready to go to the smoldering heart of the unrelenting Mists! toys & games > games > board games shopify_US_9810516296 shopify_US_9810516296_37473992456 new 39.95 USD preorder 6425453000300 NSKN Games Board Games 6.0 lb Tomb Trader Get the treasure, and get out! If only it were that easy...In Tomb Trader, you and your friends have joined an archaeological excavation — not for the sake of antiquity or history, but simply in the hopes of lining your pockets with the best treasures and smuggling them back to civilization. Each day, sneak back into the tomb to loot high-value items, but watch out because your ne'er-do-well friends all have the same idea! You have to be a swift and skilled negotiator in order to divvy up the loot before being caught, while making sure you get the best cuts for yourself!The game consists of 6 or 7 rounds in which players select a section of the tomb to explore and have one minute to divide the treasure between everyone else in the same section. Not coming to an agreement means nobody gets anything! toys & games > games > board games shopify_US_9810518664 shopify_US_9810518664_37473996680 new 19.95 USD preorder 9781936920556 Level 99 Games Board Games 2.0 lb Solstice: Fall of Empire (Kickstarter Deluxe Pledge) Kickstarter version of Solstice Deluxe Pledge, all applicable stretch goals included.The Kickstarter Campaign is over, but you can still own the Kickstarter Version by ordering now!Game Description:The ruling house of the empire is in decline and in their weakness an opportunity presents itself. The throne is within the grasp of any rival faction bold and cunning enough to grab power for themselves.However, this is a nuanced conflict, one where diplomacy cuts just as sharply as the weapons of an army, but half as so as the assassin’s blade. There are wheels within wheels and machinations beyond your view.Players represent powerful houses, each seeking to be in ascent of the throne. Every player has the same six cards, which provide Strength, Favor, Victory Points, and bonuses. Unfortunately, the path forward is shrouded in fog, forcing players to manage the uncertainty of the times.Every round, players draft a hand of cards, choosing a mix of their cards, their opponents’, and powerful Events. The key is building a viable strategy with your own cards and events, while denying key cards from your opponents. Then, cards are played face down one at a time to the Planets. Limited information about each card is disclosed. Players are forced to make decisions with imperfect information gained during the draft and by reading your opponents. Finally, the cards are revealed and resolved. In most cases, players want to be the Strongest or Favored faction to score Victory Points. toys & games > games > board games shopify_US_9810518216 shopify_US_9810518216_37473995976 new 39.95 USD preorder Hyperbole Games Board Games 3.0 lb SuperHot The Card Game Kickstarter Special The Kickstarter Campaign is over, but you can still own the Kickstarter Version by ordering now!This bundle includes:SUPERHOT The Card GameAll unlocked Stretch GoalsGame Description:A bullet misses you by millimeters. A dozen more come from every direction. Armed red guys are everywhere. You take a breath, check your options...and play a card.Part strategy, part shooter, and undeniably stylish, SUPERHOT is the bestselling independent FPS in which time moves only when you move. After its Steam and Xbox One releases, SUPERHOT is taking its unique game mechanisms to the world of tabletop games.In the micro deck-building SUPERHOT Card Game, based on Agent Decker, you use abilities and items to deal with increasing threats. Threats you eliminate are added to your hand, giving you improved abilities and more options while bringing you closer to victory — but you need to be careful because the more cards you use, the faster you move through time (represented by a line of obstacles moving in your direction). In more detail, you need to interact with obstacles — whether killing them or knocking them out — to increase your future possibilities for interaction or to give you more time before bullets appear! The cards that you use are discarded to the obstacle pile while cards you pass by are placed in your personal discard pile, creating a mini-deck of cards. The game has three types of obstacle cards: enemy, scenery, and objects, with each type giving you different abilities when they're in your deck.SUPERHOT Card Game has four play modes:Solitaire: You play against the system.Cooperative: Two players play against the system.Competitive: You face off against another player, with this player representing the system.Cooperative against another: Two players team up against a system player. toys & games > games > board games shopify_US_10402980616 shopify_US_10402980616_42650884680 new 29.00 USD preorder Boards&Dice Board Games 2.0 lb