Shipment Updates From Master of the Boards: Batman, Hellboy, Quodd Heroes and More!

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Hey Everyone!

There are several big projects delivering very soon, this is a very exciting time! I've been getting quite a few emails about when games will be arriving, which is totally understandable. I wanted to write this blog post so that you'll know the information I have and I will update this post any time I get more info on these projects.

First, I wanted to make sure you all know, I have a firm commitment to all my customers to fulfill pre-orders within 24 hours of receiving a shipment. So while I can't control when games arrive, I can and will turn them around very quickly once I get them.

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

Ship Naked is currently working through US fulfillment. I've been in contact with Monolith and they have assured me my order is in the queue and will be arriving in due time. There were 19,000 backers in this campaign, I'm expecting it to take some time to get through all the orders. I'm educated-guessing that the games will arrive at any time during the next 3-4 weeks. I think we'll end up inside that time frame but until I have tracking numbers, I just can't say for sure.

***UPDATE*** Batman is here! Pre-Orders were dropped off the morning of 5/21

Hellboy: The Board Game

Hellboy is in a similar status as Batman. They are in the process of shipping games to US backers and my order is in the queue somewhere. My guess on this one would be inside of 2 weeks, but again, that's a best guess based on the size of the campaign.

One thing to note on Hellboy. If you purchased the KS Exclusive Box Full of Evil Expansion, that is coming in a second wave in September (estimate from the publisher). If you bought both on the same order and would like to talk about a split-shipping option, just let me know and we'll work that out.

***UPDATE*** Hellboy is here!

Quodd Heroes

Expected arrival Monday! Man, I'm so excited for this one, I know a lot of you are as well. Can't wait!

***UPDATE*** Quodd Heroes is here!

Brook City

Expected to be here Monday as well. This is a similar game system to Street Masters, but Miami-Vice-style vs Street Masters' Double-Dragon-style. I love Street Masters so I'm super-excited to get this one.

***UPDATE*** Brook City is here!


Funagain should begin shipping this one soon, so I'm expecting it within a couple weeks. This is from the same team that made Outlive (one of my favorites) and Clash of Rage (been enjoying this one since I received it)

***UPDATE*** Neta Tanka is here!

Escape Plan

Escape Plan is currently fulfilling to backers. Eagle-Gryhon always does their retail partners last, so unfortunately, I don't have to guess where in the queue I am on this one :) My best guess on this one is sometime in the next 3 weeks.

4/23 UPDATE: Eagle-Gryphon told me yesterday that I should expect our order to ship next week (by May 3rd).

5/1 UPDATE: I spoke with Eagle-Gryphon today and they have pushed back the estimate to the end of next week (May 10th).

5/9 UPDATE: I spoke with Eagle-Gryphon again today and they are now estimating next week (by May 17th). Sorry for the delays here, it's quite out of my control. I'll stay in touch with them and of course have all the pre-orders filled immediately once I get them.

5/17 UPDATE: Eagle-Gryphon tells me the order is going out the door today. I have the tracking number, but no activity yet. Looking good for arrival here next week, and as I've said, I'll have them turned around very quickly once they get here.

5/18 UPDATE: I'm expecting these to arrive here by Wednesday, meaning I should have pre-orders out the door by Thursday!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions that weren't covered here. Thank you all and Happy Gaming!


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