Now In Stock: Petrichor + Flowers Expansion and Lots More

Posted by John Meyer on

Hi Everyone,

There are lots of great games that have released in the last couple weeks, but I wanted to give you a heads-up that I now have Petrichor in stock and it comes with the Flowers Expansion, which adds a 5th player plus some other modular additions to the game. This one is hot right now so I wanted to give you all a heads-up that it's here.

Let me know if you have any questions about anything in the shop - I'm happy to help!

Thanks and happy gaming!



Other New Items In Stock

There are lots of goodies available in the "Now in Stock" section of the store, but here are a few notables.


My early pick for best Euro Game of 2018

World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch

New Mini Madness from CMON, comes with expansions and lots of KS Exclusives

Dead Man's Doubloons

Players take on the role of pirate captains searching for buried treasure.

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