Keeping Up With Kickstarter | Second Chances: Dice Settlers

Posted by Ben Schirmer on

Arriving soon at Master of the Boards is Dice Settlers, a unique twist on the 4x style games that have been taking the gaming world by storm.  You are probably asking yourself what Dice Settlers can offer you different than the other 4x games available. The answer is dice, lots of dice.  This successful Kickstarter campaign comes with 51 unique and beautifully printed dice for your rolling pleasure. These dice allow you to Explore, Trade, Research, Settle, Hire, Raid, and Harvest.  Similarly to one of my favorite games, Orleans, Dice Settlers uses the “bag building” idea to create a dice pool. This mechanic allows you to build a strategy tailored to you and the path to victory you desire.  On your turn, grab a designated amount of dice from your bag, roll, and group dice to complete two of the available actions. Featuring 40 hexagonal modular tiles to settle upon and earn bonuses, no game will ever look or play the same.  The deluxe version offered on our website comes with realistic resources and upgrades of nearly every component. This 4x game is simplistic in nature and offers high replayability and deep strategy. What more could you want from a dice rolling game?

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