Lords of Hellas Wave 2 Update

Posted by John Meyer on

Hello Everyone,

Since I have (understandably) been getting a lot of questions on wave 2 of Lords of Hellas, I wanted to post a quick update here.

Awaken Realms in their latest Kickstarter Update says they are still working through the largest 40 retailer orders. I assume our order is included in that group, however, I went ahead and filed a support ticket to inquire on the status.

Please know I will stay on top of the delivery to me, and will (as always) turn them around very quickly once I receive them.

I'll keep posting updates here daily to keep you informed.

Happy Gaming!


*** 7/16 UPDATE*** I received tracking yesterday and the shipment is currently in-transit from Poland. It's expected to be delivered Friday, however, please keep in mind that this is an international shipment and could see delays such as customs. Either way, this is great news!

*** UPDATE *** As of 7/20, all outstanding orders have shipped. I hope everyone enjoys Lords of Hellas!

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