Kickstarter Update: Stonebound Saga, Coin & Crown and Pathfinder Kingmaker

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Hi Everyone,

Here we are again with a curated list of my favorite new games on Kickstarter. As always, I will not rehash games from older posts, these are brand-new diamonds in the rough you may want to check out.

The Stonebound Saga

Kickstarter Link

 stonebound saga

The Stonebound Saga is essentially a miniatures game distilled down to cards...reminds me of Summoner Wars in some ways. Each side builds a team of "Stonebound" and battle until one side is left standing.

One thing I really like is the game is playable with up to 6 players (split into teams). Also, the art is stunning, it looks like a well-done, top-notch production with a very fleshed-out theme.

I'm very interested in this one and looking forward to February 2018 to give it a go.

Coin & Crown

Kickstarter Link

coin and crown

Coin & Crown is a bag-building game where players draw coins each round and use them to "build up your troops and resources to conquer and cultivate as many lands as possible".

This is designed by Richard Aramini, who is on fire right now with 2 other games recently funded on Kickstarter (Barker's Row and Groves) and another being delivered this month (Circle the Wagons)

It looks like there are a ton of good choices to make throughout this game, especially considering it plays in 30-60 minutes. With a low price-point ($24) and a relatively quick delivery date (December 2017), this is one to check out for sure.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Kickstarter Link

pathfinder kingmaker

So this is not a board game, but an RPG based on the Pathfinder universe has me (as well as 14,000 other backers) very intrigued. It's a single-player game where you customize a character as you would expect, and build a party of NPCs to aid you on your quest.

Throughout your journey you'll be carving out a kingdom for yourself. I have to admit, this description from the Kickstarter page sounds very cool.

As you’ll discover, building a kingdom goes beyond simply building a stronghold: Your kingdom is a reflection of your character and your choices throughout the game. It is a living thing shaped by your alignment, your allies, and your ability to lead your people. Not only can your kingdom expand, opening up new territories and allowing you to build new towns and communities, but your capital city will physically change based on your decisions, your policies, and even whom you choose to ally with. As your kingdom grows, a number of factions and neighboring countries will come to you to seek favor—and to test your strength.
If you fail, your kingdom will be destroyed, but if you succeed, you’ll have made a nation where countless others have failed.
Your kingdom awaits! Do you have the strength to rule it?

 That's it for this time around. Thanks for reading and please leave your comments below!



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