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Hi Everyone and welcome to another board game Kickstarter update!

Active Project Spotlight

Without rehashing the great projects mentioned in previous posts, here are some new projects I recommend checking out.

Rise of Tribes

Rise of Tribes is described as a 2-4 player civ-building game with a dice-pushing mechanic that plays in an hour or less. From what I can tell, and from the reviews I've seen, this sounds like an elegant design with  some meat to it. I'll definitely be checking this one out as soon as possible.


Triplock is the latest project from the Carlson Brothers' Chip Theory Games, who brought Hoplomachus and Too Many Bones. I'm a huge fan of those games, and can't wait to get my hands on this one. Triplock is a smaller game for 1-2 players about steampunk lockpick artists going head to head in "an abstract game of skill and memory".

Galactic Warlords: Battle for Dominion

This game is described as a card-driven game of tactical deployment and planetary battles for 2-4 players. Whenever The Mico is involved, I'm interested, and as expected, the art and graphic design look fabulous. I'm thinking this game will be a little light for my tastes, however, the team game sounds interesting and I like the fact that it plays in about an hour.

 galactic warfare

Shipping Updates

Massive Darkness

The first update here is a non-update. We haven't heard from CMON on this project since June 6th, when they said, and I quote, "We should be able to supply you with the first ship schedules next week." I think it would be a shame if this project released at GenCon prior to backers receiving it...I hope that's not where we're heading.

massive darkness


The ship was scheduled to leave China yesterday and the games are expected to arrive in the states toward the end of July. If all goes well it sounds like backers will have this one the first couple weeks of August.

Pre-Order Lisboa Here

Dinosaur Island

Update from Pandasaurus Games says the project is on schedule for late Q3/early Q4 delivery.

Quodd Heroes

The Quodd Heroes project received a project update with some art/graphic design details, and at this time the project still seems to be on track for its Q4 release.

Pre-Order Quodd Heroes Here


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