Keeping Up With Kickstarter: Visions of Telios (The Stonebound Saga)

Posted by Ben Schirmer on

Recently arriving on Kickstarter is the first expansion to the tactical skirmish game, The Stonebound Saga.  In this game designed for 2-6 players, opposing sides seek the power of the “speaking stones” to extinguish their opponents.  Borrowing mechanics from Summoner Wars and Magic the Gathering, The Stonebound Saga has created a fantasy world begging to be entered.  One of my favorite things about this game is the ability of players to construct a deck tailored to their play style and strategy. By drafting heroes and abilities at the beginning of each new game, there is both replayability and no advantage to that guy whose deck costs as much as your mortgage.  At the heart of the game is a unique common resource deck players draw from each turn. I am intrigued by this idea because it forces players to carefully manage their hand of “speaking stones” every turn, rather than waiting for them to be drawn and permanently in play. The game plays out by tactically moving characters across a grid-based gameboard in an attempt to overcome your opponent.  Players activate special attacks and abilities to claim victory by spending resources form their hand. Visions of Telios introduces even more variability to the already 300 unique combinations of characters and abilities from the base game. The meat of this expansion is the addition of two new cards: Terrain and Mission. These cards allow players to change the makeup of the battlefield and complete mission objectives to gain powerful rewards.  This expansion and base game both have beautiful art that creates a phenomenal fantasy world, as well as high-quality components to enrich your gaming experience. You can get ahold of the base game through the expansion Kickstarter, however, there are Kickstarter Premium Editions available on our website if you would rather not wait for pledges to ship. If you are interested in tactical games pitting you directly against a foe, or highly immersive fantasy worlds, The Stonebound Saga and Visions of Telios will not disappoint.


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