Keeping Up With Kickstarter: Tiny EPIC Mechs

Posted by Ben Schirmer on

Scott Almes is back at it again.  Gamelyn Games is proud to introduce the newest game in your favorite, take it anywhere, Tiny Epic line.  Tiny Epic Mechs builds upon Almes’ creation of ITEMeeples, by providing mechs for the meeples to enter and fight to the death.  You have come to expect the jam-packed components, and this game is no different. With over 28 different plastic weapons to equip and 46 wooden tokens, the variability of this battle royale will keep you coming back to the table.  The method to the madness of this game uses a similar action-programming mechanic as our other favorite robot battling game, Robo Rally. In Tiny Epic Mechs, however, players find themselves thrust into the arena, forced to eliminate all competitors to be victorious.  Similar to other campaigns from this designer, you have the choice between a regular and a deluxe version. The deluxe in this campaign offers players a few extra stretch goals and a mini-expansion. If you are a fan of these pocket games, I do not see why you will not enjoy this one.  If you are interested in trying out a Tiny Epic game, I might suggest finding a friend to play a previous game in the line. Either way, you have to ask yourself, do you have what it takes to enter the arena?

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