Keeping Up With Kickstarter: Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon

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In a far-off land where witchdoctors pluck meeples and minis from games and mortar and pestle them together with the ashes from boards and rulebooks, a game was born.  A game created from the bowels of The 7th Continent and the brains of Gloomhaven. A game that appears to be special, sought after by many, eclipsing 20,000 backers nearly overnight.  A game to end all games. Okay, maybe not quite that far, but you cannot deny the popularity this game has garnered. Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon is the newest Kickstarter release from the geniuses behind some of the most popular and sought-after board games on the market: Nemesis and Lords of Hellas.  Can Awaken Realms deliver on a game before some of their others have shipped? Let’s see what this beast that offers over 80 hours of Solo/Co-op campaigns will bring to your table.

In Tainted Grail, players work together as accidental heroes set out to explore the island of Avalon, fighting for their lives after stronger and wiser champions have failed.  Set in Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology, the beauty of this game lies in the story created by the vast campaign. Every choice made can have long-term consequences and could send your hero into a deep, branching storyline, ensuring no two games you play will ever be alike.  This gorgeous game offers detailed minis and over 1000 pieces of unique stylish art adorning the different cards present in the game. Each player commands an asymmetrical hero with unique flavors, powerful abilities, but a big drawback they will need to play around and avoid. This game has echoes of Gloomhaven, having created a massive world with choices impacting the future and an intricate character leveling system.  It also introduces similar mechanics to The 7th Continent with map exploration, interactive land cards, a diceless combat system, and the ability to save your game in the middle of a playthrough. It appears to merge these games to create something unique and special.

All gameplay and mechanics aside, Tainted Grail might be one of the most visually stunning and story immersive games to hit the hobby.  Scrolling through this Kickstarter demonstrates the breadth of this game and the dedication put into making it a reality. If you have not already looked into this one, I would jump over to their Kickstarter and see it for yourself.

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