Keeping Up with Kickstarter: Pax Pamir Second Edition

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This is a guest post by my friend, Ben Schirmer. You will probably be seeing more of Ben around here as he'll be keeping you all updated with what's happening on the Kickstarter scene. Ben and I will work together to curate a selection of Kickstarter games we're excited about, tell you about them as the campaign is happening, and then work to make them available on the site post-campaign for those who missed it. These are not sponsored posts (if we ever do that in the future, it will be clearly disclosed), these are campaigns we're genuinely excited about as board game nerds. We hope this content is valuable and/or entertaining to you, and we welcome any feedback you have.

First, here's a bit about Ben and then he'll tell you about a game we're both excited about: Pax Pamir

About Ben

I’ll go ahead and come out and say writing something like this is a first for me. Never would I have thought receiving Ticket to Ride for Christmas in 2013 would lead me down the path to where I am right now. I would say I am an extreme board game connoisseur, or at least devote more time to the hobby than I probably should. My day job is teaching sophomores in high school about World Studies, a job I absolutely love doing every single day. If I’m not thinking about what I need to do at school tomorrow, my wife, or keeping three kids alive, my mental capacity is enveloped by board gaming. I’m the guy who spends hours trying to find the right game for my incredibly tight, teacher’s salary budget. I’m the guy who legitimately dreams about the different moves I could have made to avoid letting victory slip through my hands. I am the guy who checks BGG Hot Deals multiple times a day, just in case. And you know what, I love it. I love it all. There are few things in life I enjoy more than sitting down at a table with friends and playing a great game. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope I can help you find the next great game to get to your table. -Ben Schirmer


Live Now: Pax Pamir Second Edition

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Pax Pamir Second Edition

This unique game really caught my eye as it merges two of my favorite things: history and board games. In this historically accurate portrayal of Afghani life in the long 19th century, players find themselves competing not only in a game, but also being taken on a historical journey. With authentic artwork that matches the era during which the game unfolds, to the persian cloth game board provided with this second edition, Pax Pamir has really piqued my interest. The setting of this game takes you back to a time when many groups were jockeying and influencing their way to power in Afghanistan. The core of the gameplay is elegant, yet simple. Players purchase cards from a central marketplace, then play those cards in a personal tableau that will open up new units, such as armies, roads, tribes, and spies. Playing these cards also allows players to gain access to new and special actions to disrupt each of your opponent's drive for influence. But be careful, gain too much power and your cards will attract the attention of enemy spies. To be victorious, players must balance alliances with other players and know when to turn on those alliances to gain the most influence in the dominant coalitions that are chosen at the beginning of each game. This game does not appear to have a retail release, so Kickstarter might be your only opportunity. The designer of this game is receiving high praise for the release of his furry and forestry game, Root. The mixture of simple actions, differing strategies for player counts, and deep card driven strategy makes Pax Pamir an interesting game to keep an eye on over the next few months.

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