Keeping Up With Kickstarter: Onimaru

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There is not much time left to back this one, but it caught my eye and I wanted to share some of my thoughts.  Better late than never! Onimaru is a cooperative and solo game pitting 1-4 players against a series of powerful demons.  Each round players roll and allocate their dice to attack enemies, use special techniques, and prepare their defenses.  Can you and your friends fight through the hordelings and defeat the powerful Oni by the end of the night?

If you love the dice allocation mechanic, Onimaru might be worth taking a look to see if you want to add it to your shelf.  This game offers players a multitude of options to create Heroes at the start of each game and to upgrade them as they play.  The combinations of Heroes and Oni create large amounts of replayability for players and elicit conversations on strategy and how to best help each other in battle.  All of the components (especially the unique dice and player trays) of this game look top notch and help players immerse themselves into the Eastern Mythology and magic.

The designers of Onimaru have the game time listed at 45-60 minutes.  I think this is definitely the sweet spot.. Get a group together, immerse yourself in another world, roll some die, strategically plan out your actions, and take out some demons and all-powerful Oni.  The decisions you make on each turn and the replayability of combinations of Heroes and Oni will bring your gaming crew back for more.

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