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Nanty Narking

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Phalanx Games is releasing another Martin Wallace title, riding in the wake of Roxley's highly-touted re-design and re-implementation of Martin Wallace's Brass. This time, it's a deluxe version of his “best-selling” title Nanty Narking. I’ve heard of quite a few Martin Wallace tiles and this is not one of them, so I immediately took “best-selling” with a grain of salt. According to the campaign, Nanty Narking is a truly Victorian board game of wit and podsnappery. In a unique game play design, players use historical figures from literature and Victorian England to help in their quest to control areas of London. At the beginning of the game, every player draws a unique personality card and must fulfill those victory conditions to win. Hand management of 132 unique cards is at the heart of this game, allowing players to combo cards to help themselves to victory, or play cards to sabotage their opponents. In a first for Kickstarter, the campaign is actually a game itself, allowing backers to play along to unlock components in the box and discover the story and mystery behind the game. There are no exclusives to this campaign, however backing now will grant you quality looking metal coins for no extra cost. And I can tell you from experience, once you play with real coins, you just cannot go back to punch outs. I believe this game has the chance to appeal to many different gaming groups, especially with the play time of only an hour. After all, Nanty Narking means “lots of fun” in the Victorian English slang. The campaign ends September 20th, so check it out today if you're interested.


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