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Hi Everyone,

Thought I'd give some quick updates on fulfillment of several games that are just around the corner.

These updates are as of 2/2. I'll keep updating the post here as I get more information.


I have tracking from Poland, right now it's sitting in customs before heading stateside, then it of course will need to clear customs here in the US as well. It's shipped UPS, so it will travel fast once it clears customs, but it can be a little unpredictable how long that will take.

Update 11/15: Packages are moving and expected delivery is next week!

Update 11/20: All Nemesis Orders have been sent!

Sorcerer City

The games are complete and on cargo ships from China to the various fulfillment centers around the world. The US ship is expected to dock the week of 11/11, after which it will clear customs, and head to the fulfillment center for shipment to backers. We're getting close, but please realize this could still take several weeks before all backers receive their copies.

11/26: According to the most recent update on Kickstarter, fulfillment will begin as early as next week (week of 12/2)!

12/5: Fulfillment has begun!! Quartermaster Logistics is handling fulfillment, and they are a large operation that knocks out projects very quickly. I'm expecting this one next week or the week after at the latest.

12/9: Sorcerer City arrived today. All pre-orders have been sent!

Street Masters

I received some of my order, but it was incorrect. Unfortunately, this happened with many backers on this campaign and Blacklist is working to sort it all out and get the right shipments out to everyone. Blacklist Games does a great job and I'm very confident they will have this sorted out in the near future. Right now, we're in a holding pattern while they work through the issue on their end.

Update 11/26: I received a response from Blacklist Games customer service today, so hopefully that's a good sign that things will start moving soon. Fingers crossed.

Update 12/5: According to Kickstarter updates, shipments have begun going out for orders that needed correction. Hopefully getting close.

Update 2/2: Sorry for the lack of updates here, unfortunately there isn't much to report. I'm honestly not sure what to expect for an ETA at this point, but I wanted to check in and let you all know that I'm still tracking it and pushing as I can from my side. I'll post again when we have any more clarity from Blacklist Games and their fulfillment partner.

Cthulhu: Death May Die

Most recent update from CMON says they estimated pledges being sent to US backers by early December.

Update 11/21: I'm expecting the delivery to arrive the week of 11/25!

Update 11/26: Cthulhu: Death May Die is here and pre-orders have been sent!


Here is the latest update from the Giga-Robo Team:

Amazon's requirements for pallets of cargo must match very specific dimensions. These dimensions were communicated and confirmed before the games were packed but errors were made nonetheless, and the pallets the manufacturer used didn't adhere to the requirements. As a result, the shipment is in holding and I have to pay for storage, having the pallets rebuilt to proper dimensions, and now shipping it to a new Amazon fulfillment destination in Florida instead of California. By the time funds for this are secured, everything is taken care of, and it travels cross-country, we're looking at a roughly 4 week wait from now before it gets into the hands of fulfillment.

(note: this would make the estimated fulfillment start date December 11th)

Update 11/26: The project team says everything should be in Amazon's hands for fulfillment by mid-December. That doesn't mean fulfillment will start right away, but it's good to know and I will share more info as I get it.

Update 2/2: Amazon is supposed to start shipping packages to backers tomorrow. If you ordered from this site, you will receive your order directly from Amazon, as if you were a backer in the campaign! That means quicker delivery to you, which is great!

Update 3/4: Amazon continues to fulfill pledges to backers. Please remember that if you bought a copy from this site, you'll receive your order directly from Amazon, as if you had backed during the campaign.

Human Interface

Fulfillment is underway. They are moving slowly, but making progress. Hoping to have this sometime in December, but it will all depend on where the order falls in their shipping queue.

Update 2/2: Welp, here we are in February. Sometimes you get it right and sometimes you totally whiff. They say they are 60% of the way through fulfillment, and based on the timeline so far, it could be another couple months before it arrives. Hard to tell at this point.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions at all. Thank you and Happy Gaming!!

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